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Principal's Message

Principal's Welcome Message

Welcome et bienvenue to the St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School Website. We are a part of the Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board and take great pride in our school community.

The staff at St. Joseph School is committed to providing our students a safe, inclusive learning environment, with high expectations for academic achievement. We strive to ensure that our daily work, words, and actions exemplify the teachings of both our patron saint, but, most especially, of Jesus Christ. By providing strong witness and a rich, integrated teaching of the Gospel values, our children will not only become lifelong learners, but also loving, responsible, caring members of our greater community. We believe that each student is a leader who has unique talents and gifts to share with our community.

Student success is fundamental in our partnership to live our school motto Growing Together. Our approach of collaboration, Differentiated Instruction, evidence-based instruction, and community partnerships will help ensure success for all students. Moreover, we strive to nurture the holistic development of our students - mind, body, and spirit.

The staff and students at St. Joseph School continue to use Tribes Learning Communities and Restorative Justice. We have four community agreements among us:

- Attentive listening ~ On écoute attentivement
- Appreciation/no put downs ~ On s’apprécie
- The right to pass ~ On a le droit de s’abstenir
- Mutual Respect ~ On se respecte

Restorative approaches to conflict and incidents allow students to focus on working with each other to build and restore relationships. This is an approach of our progressive discipline policy with the intent to build a positive school climate that is founded on the Christian principles of love, reconciliation, and mercy.
St. Joseph School offers a French Immersion program from Senior Kindergarten to Grade 8. French Immersion offers a unique opportunity for students to develop fluency in Canada’s second official language.

Our school community maintains a close affiliation with St. Joseph Church. The partnership between our School and Church is magnificent. It is through the leadership of the Pastoral team of Fr. Jim Link and Fr. Chris Budda that our children are able to experience fully in the traditions of the church, and are always welcomed as valued members of our faith. Our children are fortunate to be able to celebrate Mass, participate in Youth Ministry, Children’s Choir, CWL Advent & Lenten Breakfast Masses to name a few.

I am both fortunate and blessed to be working with such a kind, caring and dedicated staff and parent community. I look forward to our continued partnership between school, home and parish, in our common goal of educating children in a positive, dynamic and engaging environment. May God abundantly grace us with his blessings to guide us in our collaboration of meeting our children’s needs in their academic and faith journeys.

En plus d’un enseignement de qualité, divers programmes et initiatives sont mis en place pour appuyer la réussite des élèves. J’espère que nous puissions tous travailler à bâtir ensemble une école de première qualité à tous les plans académiques, socials, et spirituels.

D. Ing